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What you should know to rent a boat in Croatia

Boat rentals in Croatia bareboat or skippered. Sailboats, catamarans, motorboats and gulets. Bareboat or skippered boat rentals. Over 3.000 charter boats.

Croatia is a great natural site surrounded by rocky mountains, cliffs, beaches and fortresses. Its pleasant temperatures and the tranquility of the Adriatic Sea make it a unique destination to rest and live an unforgettable experience with boat rentals in Croatia.

You can rent a boat to navigate Croatia from north to south exploring its 2,000 kilometers of coastline or to settle several days on a paradise island. All options are valid and compatible.

In the last decade it has become one of the favorite destinations in the Mediterranean to rent yachts in Croatia and spend a vacation sailing among its more than a thousand islands in the company of family or friends. And what better than the catamaran rentals in Croatia

Coastal cities

In many coastal cities such as Split, Trogir, Zadar, Kastela, Biograd na Moru or Dubrovnik you can start an exceptional boat route as they all have young, modern marine rental fleets with the necessary services and very competitive prices.

The Dalmatian coast has magnificent sailing conditions and the possibility of shelter from the wind at numerous points of its coastline and between its islands. In the summer season you will always have good sailing without wind problems.

Types of charter in Croatia

Boat rentals in Croatia without skipper: If you have a nautical license from the country of origin you can use it normally. If you doubt its validity you must look for international validations to know if yours is accepted. In Croatia, VHF (the radio permit) is required. In any case, it is very important that you carry your original license on top constantly.

Boat rentals in Croatia with skipper: If you do not have a nautical license or prefer an expert in the area, choose the services of a skipper. The price per day in this area varies between 130 and 180 euros depending on the rental boats chosen.

Yacht and gulet rentals in Croatia with crew included: If what you need is an “all inclusive” service, you will find options that cover half board or full board so you won’t have to take care of anything. For example with the rental of motor yacht rentals in Croatia.

Sailing in Croatia

Sailing by boat in Croatia means enjoying an intense blue sea, crystal clear waters, and a wild nature with a great diversity of beaches for all tastes. Some of the most beautiful and recognized are those of the Islands of Pakleni, Brac, Vis, Cres or Banje beach. With 2700 hours of sunshine per year, Croatia has counting all its islands 5,800 kilometers of coastline perfect for boat rentals in Croatia

Regions with boats for rent in Croatia


The Kamenjak Peninsula, in the south of the island. An essential Istrian site with points only accessible from the sea. Other amazing places are the beaches of Školjić, Penižule and Radovica.

Kvarner Bay (the largest bay)

The perfect place for nature lovers where you can also discover cities with medieval history and architecture such as Rijeka. From Opatija you can navigate to Krk Island, with multiple activities to explore the Adriatic.


Go through its medieval and Roman center and then go to the particular Ugljan Island.


This beautiful medieval city is located between Zadar and Split. From there you can sail to visit the well-known Kornati islands and the Krka waterfalls.


The port of Dalmatia has about 1000 moorings, and various islands around it. Very sailor destination, it is best to rent sailboats, which are usually cheaper than catamarans.


Among the best preserved medieval villas in the world and one of the most visited places in Croatia by tourists from all over the world.

The weather in Croatia

Sailing season

The most frequent sailing season in Croatia is from May to October. Although if you like to navigate in cold temperatures there is nothing that prevents it at any other time of the year, summer is the best time to rent a boatin Croatia coinciding with the pleasant Mediterranean climate that is ideal for boat rentals in Croatia


Temperatures in Croatia vary, but normally the maritime part of the country enjoys the benefits of the Mediterranean climate. In the coastal zone the average temperature in summer ranges between 20 and 27 degrees Celsius, although it can reach 35⁰. In spring they approach 20⁰, and in winter the averages are over 6 or 7 degrees.

The winds

In summer wind gusts are rare. The most common is the Mistral, of strength 3-4. It is a wind that blows from the northwest and helps cool the Dalmatian coasts. It is perfect for sailing and a great companion if you have decided to rent a boat in Croatia with skipper and more specifically the sailboat rentals in Croatia.

Bora, from the north-northeast, is a cold, high-speed wind that attracts clouds and is typical of winter. Juice, south wind, strong, humid and that brings storms at the end of the day.


In summer there are up to 13 hours of sun daily, so navigation is very pleasant. Precipitation is practically non-existent with an average of 4 days of rain in July and 3 in August. On the contrary, in Croatia, autumn is a very rainy season, with more than 15 rainy days per month on the coast. In spring the rains are occasional.

Sea temperature

In Croatia the sea temperature usually reaches at least 20 los between May and October. The month with the warmest water is August, where it reaches 25⁰ on average. However, in winter the water temperature is around 14⁰.

Croatian beaches

The beaches of Croatia are very well maintained, many of them still virgin and difficult to access, providing them with the attributes preferred by many tourists by not having the typical tourist saturation of other Mediterranean destinations. We relate some of them, both hidden and quiet coves, and others of white sand:


One of the most idyllic beaches in the country. It is on Dugi Otok Island, off the coast of Zadar. A relaxed and quiet place with unbeatable access from the sea.


On the island of Pag, the wide beach of Zrće is known for its musical parties and the great atmosphere it generates in summer.

Zlatni Rat

Located in Bol, on the island of Brac, it is one of the best known in the Adriatic. Its arm of sand that enters the sea and the great contrast of the vegetation with the white stones next to its blue waters make it unique.


It is one of the most emblematic beaches of the Adriatic. Located on the islet of Proizd, north of the island of Korčula, it can only be accessed by sea, one more reason to boat rentals in Croatia with crew.

Zelena Punta

In Zelena Punta or Punta Verde, the pines almost enter the sea taking the waters the colors reflected. There is Kukljica, on the island of Ugljan, one of the best rustic beaches in Croatia, perfect for gulet rentals in Croatia with crew.

Things to do in Croatia

In addition to the sea, boat rentals in Croatia and its landscapes, Croatia is one of the places with more culture, history and tradition throughout the Mediterranean. It has six places declared World Heritage by UNESCO:

The cathedral of Santiafo de Sibenik.
Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the Euphrasian basilica in Istria.
Old town of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Dubrovnik.
Plitvice Lakes National Park
The historical core of Trogir.

If we add to this the eight National Parks, the Ten Natural Parks and its impressive islands we can affirm that Croatia is an impressive destination to spend a relaxing, stimulating and varied holiday.


Called the Pearl of the Adriatic, it is probably thanks to the walled enclosure of Ragusa, in which 12th-century structures, one of the most popular cities, are preserved.

Split is also a very attractive city for its culture, history and architecture, such as that of the Diocletian’s Palace or its medieval area.

In the city of Pula, you can see the ancient amphitheater that is located very close to the coast.


In Zadar you can enjoy the giant marine organ, the Roman and Venetian ruins of the old town or the dance floor that is illuminated at night with solar panels.

Nautical and leisure activities. Being the most extensive coast of the Mediterranean, it has many kilometers of coastline where you can enjoy all kinds of water sports with motor boat in Croatia. In addition, the waters of the Adriatic are very rich in marine fauna, making it a good place for snorkeling or diving. All this with the rental of rib rentals Croatia.

In any city, visitors are very well treated and many attractions, sports, party places, cultural options and entertainment venues are offered.

If we want to visit Croatia, we must remember that the local currency is not the euro: you will have to change in Kunas, taking into account that 1 euro is exchanged for approximately 7.62 kunas (HRK).

Croatia’s gastronomy

The cuisine of Croatia is influenced by countries from its immediate surroundings such as Turkey, Italy or Slovenia mainly. In Croatian cuisine, products from the sea are essential, with fish and shellfish of excellent quality that they manage to make by mixing all their influences and flavors in an exceptional way.

Although for those who prefer to eat other things, meat in the Croatian diet is very common. That is why roast chicken, pork or lamb are very advisable. Sausages, such as cevapi or kulen are very popular in Croatia.

How to get to Croatia

By plane

Close to the coast, the main airports are Zadar (ZAD), Split (SPU), Dubrovnik (DBV), Pula (PUY) or Rijeka (RJK).

You can also find direct flights to the capital of the mainland, Zagreb (ZAG), and fly from there to a local airport, from which there are also regional flights in summer.

It has flights from the most important European airports, such as Amsterdam, Zurich, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Rome or London. The supply and frequency of flights to cities along the coast of Croatia increases in summer. Croatia Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance with international flights to its main airports.


Another option to get to Croatia is to do it by boat. You can travel by boat to Croatia from Italian from the ports of Ancona, Venice, and Bari. Getting around by boat in Croatia is not a problem because it has a wide route of internal ferry lines between many of the islands and numerous Croatian towns in the country.

By highway

It is a country that is worth visiting inland and along the coast. Many tourists before renting a boat decide to travel through neighboring countries to Croatia, such as Italy or come by car from Germany.

You can travel by bus to various cities in Croatia from Italy, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Bosnia, Serbia, or Montenegro. The roads are very well maintained, although due to the orography of the terrain they usually have curves, so it is advisable to maintain a moderate speed.

There are European toll roads through Croatia to connect with the rest of the continent, such as the E60 between Sweden and Turkey, the E70 that connects Georgia and Spain, the E69 highway that departs from Prague and ends in Zagreb, and of course the E71 between Slovakia and Split.

By train

In Europe, there are many countries with train lines to reach Croatia directly: Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany. From the rest of the continent you have to access indirectly, for example, Madrid. However, once you arrive in Croatia, train services are not highly recommended, as they do not have good connections to the coast.

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