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Ibiza has become over the years a cosmopolitan island, of great tourist attraction in the international arena. It is synonymous with modernity and avant-garde, but at the same time retains part of its hippie roots, and does not forget its young spirit of nightlife and fun.

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Catamaran rentals in Ibiza

by | Nov 29, 2023

What you should know to rent a catamaran in Ibiza

Catamaran rentals in Ibiza bareboat or skippered. Book easily and safely with the best guaranteed prices on all lengths and models. Catamaran charter in Ibiza.

Ports, marinas and moorings:

Catamaran rentals in Ibiza island. The island of Ibiza has three ports with marinas where boats can be rented and offer all the necessary services in their facilities where they can moor a large number of pleasure boats of all kinds. During the summer months the activity is very high, even making it difficult to get a mooring if you have not booked with much time in advance, so it is recommended to book during the winter.

The island of Ibiza is one of the most desirable and attractive for catamaran rentals in Ibiza and has a large number of beaches and spectacular coves that visit thousands of pleasure boats from small sailboats to huge mega yachts arriving from different parts of the world.It is a beautiful island And cozy with large beaches, small coves and islets that will make navigation a delight. And also makes it more attractive that the island of Formentera is a few miles. Perfect for rent a catamaran in Ibiza bareboat

Ibiza has marinas in the capital:

In Sant Antoni de Portmany in the west zone has the marinas: 

In Santa Eulalia on the east coast of the island:

The weather in Ibiza

Ibiza has a Mediterranean climate, enjoying long hot and dry summers and mild winters. The island is famous for its perfect beach weather with hot summers of plentiful sunshine. Ibiza’s long glorious summers are what made the island famous (together with its all night parties!).

From June to September the sun shines every day, peaking at an average of eleven hours of sunshine per day in July. Temperatures get into the high 20s to low 30s during the day, sitting at an average of 26°C in June and September but reaching 29°C in July and August. Basically, the weather is glorious. The nights are warm too, with temperatures barely falling below 20°C. Excellente for the catamaran rentals in Ibiza with skipper

Gastronomy in Ibiza

The culture and history of Ibiza are perfectly reflected in its gastronomy. The sun, the Mediterranean, the island and the wealth of different cultures that have influenced it throughout history have, amongst other factors, determined its distinctive gastronomy. Fresh fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables are brought together to create simple, fresh and healthy dishes. Ibiza’s traditional cuisine is varied, Mediterranean, original and delicious.

Ibiza offers some unique and high quality products which are exported all over the world. “Cocarrois” (small vegetable pies), or typical dishes such as sobrasadas (spicy sausage) or “flaó” (cheesecake with mint and sugar), as well as the island’s wines and liqueurs, leave visitors with a delicious memory to take home with them.

Essential places to visit

In addition to its lively nightlife, Ibiza also stands out for the quality of its beaches and coves. So that you do not go crazy looking for your ideal cove among the more than 50 that is on the island, here we present our opinions and recommendations. And these are some of the best for sailing in catamaran rentals in Ibiza in group or family:

That must be visited by boat for example with the catamarán rentals in Ibiza at least once in Ibiza.

Sailing in Ibiza

Ibiza is a multifaceted island, where you can enjoy sailing, get to know its towns once you are docked in port, and naturally enjoy its best places to anchor, where you spend the night in front of a beach. Enjoying in a cove from the ‘opposite’ side (the sea) that normally most people have the ability to access (land) is a singular pleasure. Perfect for the catamaran rentals in Ibiza with crew.

Always different views and landscapes, unparalleled sunsets. Moments of stillness and peace difficult to forget. A very suitable month to navigate in its waters is the one of September, moment in which the enormous influx of tourism has dissipated and we can still enjoy the good weather and its warm waters. Highly recommended the renting of a catamaran boat with skipper

There are many places to anchor in Ibiza, but only some of them are safe to spend the night without fear that a sudden tramontana and change in the weather can make us miss bad times. Let’s see some of them, going around the island clockwise and starting from the beautiful Ibiza with the best catamaran rentals in Ibiza in holidays

How to get Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most visited islands in the world to which tourists from all over the world arrive and has a large international airport to which airplanes arrive from the most important capitals of the world. By sea you can arrive with ferries from Valencia and Denia on the Spanish peninsular coast, with a frequent frequency of arrivals and departures to the port of the capital of Ibiza and Sant Antonio de Portmany. Also from the island of Mallorca it is easy to find a ferry with several departures and arrivals a day in summer.

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