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What you should know to rent a boat in Formentera

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The places of charm and magic of the last treasure in the Mediterranean, Formentera.

Formentera will not stop surprising us every mile we sail. It is an island that does not leave any of its visitors indifferent and marks us forever as a special place to which we must return for the boat rentals in Formentera.

From Ibiza to Formentera, 7 kilometers separate the two islands that form the Pitiusas, the name given by the Romans to these two islands and the islets that surround them.

Es Palmador Island

We leave Ibiza and once we have passed the Isla des Penjats we arrive at the Isla de Espalmador with its white sand beaches and a good place to anchor. On the island we will not find any type of service since it is not urbanized.

The island is private but access has always been free. Its main beach is S´Alga, which, although it usually has many bathers, is a heavenly place. There are the famous sulphurous mud baths that are very beneficial for the skin.

We can anchor in Cala Torretas, only advisable for shallow draft boats since the bottom ranges between one meter and one and a half meters, we will have to access the northern slope of the Torretas islet because only the auxiliary ones can go to the south.

Another anchorage in the Port of Espalmador, with a bottom between 3 and 6 meters, exposed to the winds from the South, Southwest and West. If you come from the north you have to be careful with the rocks and low that extend from the coast.

A small strait separates Es Palmador from Formentera.

A small strait separates us from Formentera. Es Trucadors Beach appears first and then Ses Illetes Beach. In summer, many boats come because it is an ideal anchoring place, although you have to be careful with the small shallows. It is not recommended to enter the small cove behind the Islands of Pouet and Rodonasi, you do not have a shallow boat.

For dinner we can stop at Sa Platgeta des Carregador or go to La Savina, the Port of Formentera where we can find all kinds of services. S´Estany des Peix is a closed bay, an unusual fact in these islands, communication with the sea is done through a channel 20 meters wide and only one meter deep.

We continue to the south of Formentera.

If we continue to the south we arrive at Ensenada d'en Cabrit, comfortable anchoring except when the winds from the North, Northwest and Northeast blow. We can continue to the Racó des Moro, a small cove surrounded by a cliff, but only suitable in good weather and with shallow boats.

After Punta de Sa Gavina, they follow some low cliffs until they reach Cala Saona, perfect for anchoring if there are no Westerosi winds. You just have to be careful with a rock that probes two meters located in the north and about 60 meters to the west. Large natural cove and crystal clear waters. Perfect for boat rental in Formentera

In Punta Rasa we can see some wonderful sea beds, transparent and turquoise waters. From here begins a steep area, with walls of considerable heights full of caves, we can find small coves in our path.
The spectacular Cabo lighthouse reaching Cala Mitjorn

We go around Cap de Barbaria, the most desert area of ​​the island, and Playa de Migjorn appears very open to all winds except those from the north, you have to be careful with the rocks and very treacherous shallows in this area.

In summer it is not very comfortable to anchor due to the waves. If we sail near the coast, we must be careful with the multiple reefs near the shore, as well as with the rocky barriers parallel to it.

The north of Formentera, wild but spectacular.

We border the La Mola massif and we come across small coves with local fishermen's boats. We will see the cliffs on the north face of the island decrease as we arrive at the only reliable anchorage in the area, Racó de Sa Pujada, where we can take shelter in case of bad weather.

The long Beach of Tramuntana begins, exposed to the winds from the North and Levante and without any shelter. It has several small coves such as Racó d´es Pou des Berro and Caló de Sant Agustí, both havens for fishermen that we can access with the auxiliary.

We will have to wait for Es Pujols, the only place on this part of the coast, to anchor. Surrounded by islets and reefs that serve as a shelter to anchor. You have to be careful with Seca d'es Pujols, because in good weather you can't see it except if the breeze makes the sea break over it. Es Pujols is the main tourist center of Formentera and that you can visit with the boat rental in Formentera

S´Estany Pudent is the second natural pond on the island, formed mainly by stagnant water, hence its bad smell. From here starts the Playa de Llevant, a very treacherous beach due to the currents, where bathers should not trust themselves.

From here we can approach Espardell Island with good anchorages on its west coast and Espardelló. The visit will have to be conditioned by the weather.

During the summer months the activity is very high and all the available boats are rented, if you have not booked long in advance, you can run out of boat. Therefore, it is highly recommended to book during the winter.

Marinas in Formentera:

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Weather in Formentera

The Pitiusas Islands have a Mediterranean climate, enjoying long hot and dry summers and mild winters. Ibiza is famous for its perfect beach climate with hot summers with abundant sunshine, ideal for yacht charter in Formentera.

Ibiza's long, fantastic summers are what made the island famous (along with its all-night parties!). From June to September the sun shines every day, averaging eleven hours of sunshine per day in July. Temperatures climb into the high 20s to low 30s during the day, sitting at an average of 26 ° C in June and September but reaching 29 ° C in July and August. Excellent conditions for the rental of sailboats in Formentera.

Basically the weather is glorious. The nights are warm too, with temperatures just below 20 ° C. A fantastic climate for yacht charter in Ibiza

Gastronomy of Formentera

The culture and history of Ibiza and Formentera are perfectly reflected in its gastronomy. The sun, the Mediterranean, the island and the richness of the different cultures that have influenced it throughout history have determined it. Among other factors, its distinctive gastronomy. Fresh fish, seafood, fruits and vegetables come together to create simple, fresh and healthy dishes.

The traditional cuisine of Ibiza and Formentera is varied, Mediterranean, original and delicious. Delights that you can also savor on board in the gulet rental in Fomentera.
Ibiza offers some unique and high quality products that are exported all over the world. "Cocarrois", or typical dishes such as sobrasadas or flaó. As well as the island's wines and spirits, they allow visitors a delicious souvenir to take home with them.

How to get to Formentera

The island of Formentera can only be reached by sea. From Ibiza you can get on the various ferries that make the journey to the island every day and that have a very high frequency in summer and at a low cost. So getting to Formentera is quite simple and inexpensive, even bringing your own car.

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