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What to know to rent a boat in French Polynesia

Boat rentals in French Polynesia bareboat or skippered. Is one of the most spectacular destinations in the world with islands surrounded by coral reefs and incredible fauna and flora with unique spices endemic to this fabulous archipelago of the Pacific Ocean and is a wonderful destination for boat rentals in the French Polynesia.

There are very few places in the world such as French Polynesia where nature is in its purest state and where marine life stands out. The seabed is amazing and full of multicolored life. The landscapes recall images of films as remembered as Jurassic Park that amazed us all in the cinema.

Things to do in French Polynesia

Rent a boat in French Polynesia

Being the sea the biggest of the shows, it is best to rent a boat in French Polynesia and explore its fascinating islands. The most recommended option is to rent a catamaran in French Polynesia with skipper.
With a catamaran with skipper, we can chart a course advised by the local skipper that will recommend the best places to visit. And we don’t have to worry about the boat because the skipper takes care of everything that has to do with the catamaran and the yacht charter in French Polynesia.

Diving between sharks

One of the most spectacular activities is snorkeling where we will enjoy watching the spectacular background of corals and multicolored tropical fish live. And for the most daring, we have the option to dive between sharks, feed the striped blankets.

Land Activities

If we want to take a walk through one of the islands and enjoy its spectacular nature. We can do on foot or there is even the possibility of doing it with a boogie or a quat. This will allow us to live from within the beautiful waterfalls and lagoons, its lush forests and beaches.

Visit the most beautiful islands of French Polynesia by boat

Boat rentals in French Polynesia will allow you to navigate between its 118 islands and atolls of its 5 archipelagos. And these are some of the islands that we recommend:


It is the most known and popular island and is almost a must. It is the island where the most urban city is located with all kinds of shops and services we may need. And it is almost obligatory to visit the Papeete market with local crafts, different types of food and products made with flowers and coconuts, which are the main attraction. Daily life is basically located in the coastal areas. And inside, Tahiti is spectacularly displayed with large natural waterfalls and wonderful tropical forests.
The international airport is that of this island, so regardless of the island we are going to visit, we will have to go through Tahiti with charter a yacht in French Polynesia


It is the neighboring island of Tahiti located just 18 kilometers away and about two and a half hours by sailboat, or less than 30 minutes by ferry. Moorea has a spectacular coral reef in the north that amazes visitors. And it is the island where almost all the fruits that are consumed in the mother island are cultivated as they are: the banana, the pineapple or the mangoes.

Moorea only has a road that borders the coast and that surrounds the whole island and that runs through all the towns of the island. Recommended are its viewpoints and specifically the Magic Mountain, since you can see incredible 360º views.

You can make excursions to the viewpoints in quad and boogie and take the opportunity to visit the plantations. It is a perfect island to visit with boat rentals in French Polynesia

Bora Bora

Next to Tahiti, Bora Bora is also one of the iconic islands of French Polynesia that you can visit thanks to boat rentals in French Polynesia. It is perhaps the most visited island by tourists and with the highest prices.

And like the rest of the islands, it has spectacular coral reefs and atolls. Without forgetting the well-known bungalows on the water, an image that we have seen many times in movies and photos and with what many of us dream of visiting at some time in our life. Bora Bora is a perfect destination to visit with sailboat rentals in French Polynesia.


On this island you will find the best places to dive and it is unmatched if you want to see incredible bottoms and beautiful fish. All this in the atoll of Rangiroa. Its atoll is so large that inside it fits the entire island of Tahiti and is surrounded by coral beaches.

In its waters, species such as blackfin sharks and hammerhead sharks can be seen. And of course how could it be less, we can contemplate and touch beautiful and very playful dolphins.


Raiatea (Far Paradise) is the paradise for sailing and sailing lovers as it is where the vast majority of sailboat and catamaran rental companies are located in French Polynesia. It is a perfect destination because it has many places to anchor very safely. It has calm, deep waters and fantastic bays for sailboats and catamaran rentals in French Polynesia and sailboats for rent in French Polynesia.

From this destination that has ideal conditions for navigation and anchoring, we can navigate to other nearby islands as or more spectacular as Raiatea in the so-called Leeward Islands. And that you can visit thanks to the rental of boats in French Polynesia.

Tropical Climate of French Polynesia

In addition to incredible and wonderful turquoise waters and white coral sands, the fantastic tropical climate throughout the year is one of its best features. The tropical maritime climate, which is as it is known, stands out for warm temperatures and a certain level of stable humidity throughout the year. Thanks to an average temperature of 22 to 23º, it is very pleasant with sunny atmosphere and cool breezes that make the stay a delight.

Due to the location in the Pacific Ocean the stations are divided in two mainly:

November to May

It is the rainy season and the Polynesians themselves name it as the “southern summer”, since the weather is hotter and very humid due to these rains.

June to October

From the month of June to October you can enjoy the dry season or what they call the “southern winter” and that causes a cooler and less climate. The rains are very rare and last very short and very short. So this time of year is the perfect place to visit and navigate in French Polynesia with boat rentals in French Polynesia. Of course the sea has an ideal temperature for swimming and diving, it is impressive.

How it arrives in French Polynesia

The international airport is Tahiti and if you travel from Europe, it is advisable and simpler to do it with Air Tahiti Nui that flies from Paris making a stop at the Los Angeles airport and from there to Papeete. From Spain you must make the flight to Paris and from there start your transoceanic flights. There are many hours of flight, but believe me, it is very worth it because what you are going to see in French Polynesia will impact you and you will never forget it.

If you are traveling from Latin America, it is advisable to do it from Chile through Easter Island with an 11-hour flight from Santiago de Chile.

And to move between the islands, you can travel by plane with Air Tahiti, but considering that tickets are not cheap and are made with small planes. An alternative is ships between islands.

Gastronomy of French Polynesia

The cuisine of French Polynesia is very natural and defined by very exotic local fresh produce, but also adapted to the tastes of visitors. Asian and European cuisine give their touch with their spices so that the dishes get very interesting combinations.

Fish is the main dish of the islands and their cuisine. And in all its forms of preparation: raw, roasted, boiled, etc. And the most common are: tuna, mahi, bonito and many other species of lagoon fish are protagonists on the table. But without forgetting the tasty meat that is highly appreciated by the Polynesians and that they import from New Zealand with a quality of first and exquisite.

It is very popular a very curious way to cook you by making a hole in the sand of the beach and placing the food on a base of very hot stones and wrapped all in banana tree leaves.

Very typical dishes are:

  • Chevrettes, which has shrimp as its main ingredient.
  • Ma´a tinito, with ancestry of Chinese cuisine and that is a combination of fence with red beans, spinach and macaroni.
  • Salade Ruse, which is a salad with boiled spinach-flavored taro leaves with coconut cream and shrimp.
  • Poisson Cru a la Tahitiana, which is prepared marinated with lemon, coconut milk and shrimp.

As far as drinks are concerned, beer is much appreciated and consumed in large quantities and the best known is called Pia. But there is also a good variety of wines. The most outstanding drink is the Maitai, a cocktail based on Balkan rum, grenadine, Cointreau, pineapple, coconut juice and lime.

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