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What to know to rent a boat in Italy

Boat rentals in Italy bareboat or skippered. Italy is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Europe thanks to its rich history, the welcoming character of its people and its gastronomy. The almost 7,500 kilometers of coastline located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that connects Europe with Africa and Asia make it the perfect destination for sailing enthusiasts. Boat rentals in Italy is a good option to enter this country from the sea and discover its culture and natural heritage with the yacht charter in Italy.

Being a peninsula and also having two large islands, Sardinia and Sicily, its coastal options are innumerable: hidden bays, fine sandy beaches, charming villages, magnificent cliffs, coves and coves that make it ideal for any type of vacation and nature, entertainment and tranquility, ideal for  catamaran rentals in Italy.

Ports, marinas and moorings

Italy is full of marinas and ports that offer high quality services throughout the year facilitating an exceptional trip.

The most important port is that of Messina, with a port area of approximately 800,000 m². The next one is from Naples, with a very good metropolitan connection and with more and more pedestrian areas. In third place is the port of Civitavecchia, identified as a port of Rome and since ancient times one of the busiest in Mare Nostrum.

Most important destinations

Porto Cervo, Portofino and Capri are the most prominent elite destinations in Italy. Its unique landscapes are complemented by the most exclusive services, the most famous leisure sites and the most requested gastronomic temples, thus achieving the most luxurious and complete offer of ports in the boat rentals in Italy

The marina of Porto Cervo has mooring capacity for mega yachts of 100 m of maximum length and a maximum draft of 6 meters. The average price of daily mooring is 2,800 euros.

Marine Reserve

The "Portofino Marine Reserve", also known as the city of dolphins and former fishing port near Genoa, is a marina currently prepared for medium-sized boats of 45 m maximum length and 4 m maximum draft. The average daily mooring costs 2,500 euros for a 70 meter yacht.

Biggest advantages of Portofino are the proximity to the airport, the wonderful views of Liguria and the large amount of services offered to visitors and place to visit with the motor yachts rentals in Italy

In the Marina Grande of the island of Capri, the average daily price of mooring for a 70 m yacht is 3,100 euros, although in May during the sailing week of Capri, it experiences a high rise.

Sailing in Italy

The Italian peninsula has an impressive variety of paradisiacal destinations with kilometers and kilometers of beautiful coasts and diversity of landscapes. For nautical lovers, boat rentals in Italy is guaranteed fun.

Boats can anchor in the numerous existing tourist ports or take advantage of the numerous natural landmarks with the yacht charter in Italy

From the Adriatic Sea appears the romantic coast of Venice, residence of famous sailors of yesteryear. Later Trieste, on the border with Croatia.

The shining sea of Puglia and Salento, which also enjoys extensive vestiges of classical culture.

By the Tyrrhenian Sea you can choose between the amazing waters of the coasts of Tuscany and the island of Elba or the novel coast of Liguria.

On the shores of southern Italy, you will enjoy the light and exclusivity of Procida or Capri, or the charm of Ponza and Ischia in the the yacht charter in Italy.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast, famous for its luxurious villas, which with its landscape and culinary portents brings together tourists from all over the world. Salerno Amalfi and Positano are good starting points for sailing in the area with sailboat rentals in Italy.

Rimini, the entertainment center where especially in summer the Riviera of Romagna comes alive. And of course, there is also the possibility of renting a boat in the busy and populous Naples. As for islands, Italy has the largest in the Mediterranean, always ready to be "conquered":

Historical heritage

You can direct your rental boat in Italy to the wild coast of Sardinia, guarded by its magnificent ruins, either to the Costa Smeralda with Portisco and Porto Rotondo, either to Alghero on the West Coast, or to Olbia and Cagliari in the South. Or direct it to the mysterious waters of Sicily, where the sun rises throughout the year and in whose cities of Palermo, Catania, Marsala and Trapani we find one of the most valuable historical and artistic heritage in the world.

Finally, without forgetting these great mentioned, Sicily and Sardinia, there are other interesting options: Tuscan Archipelago, Egadi Islands, Aeolian Islands, Pontinas Islands, ... Discover them with the the yacht charter in Italy.

With extraordinarily transparent waters, Italy is one of the most recognized navigation areas in the Mediterranean where wind and sun are constant companions both on the coast and on the high seas and is ideal for boat rentals in Italy.

Weather to sail in Italy

Sailing Season

The pleasant climate of Italy is conducive to a comfortable and satisfactory navigation, and to enjoy the sea practically throughout the year. But, as in the Mediterranean in general, the best time to navigate in Italy with the yacht charter in Italy is between May and October, because it rains less, the wind is less intense, and the temperatures are higher. Perfect weather for gulet rentals in Italy.

If tranquility is sought, during July and August the Italian coasts are usually almost crowded, so it is better to avoid that time of year.


The temperature in Italy varies widely between north and south and on the coast compared to the interior. Although the temperate climate is predominant, in the north it has the typology of glacial climate characteristic of the alpine countries.

Being a very elongated peninsula favors the existence of multiple climates. On the coast of Liguria the average temperatures in summer exceed 20o. In the south of the peninsula in winter around 10o and in summer the 25o. The Mediterranean and Adriatic coasts, in the center and south, have a quite similar climate.

On the contrary, in Sardinia the temperatures are mild and warm all year round. In summer in Calabria and islands they exceed 30o, almost always providing a favorable climate for those who decide to navigate in these areas with the rib rentals in Italy.

Mediterranean climates, very appropriate for those who consider getting to know Italy by rent boat, may change slightly depending on the area of ​​the sea where they are located.

In the Tyrrhenian Sea it is mainly warm in summer and mild in winter, with winter rains in the south. The Adriatic Sea is warmer and drier in summer, ideal for those who plan to rent a boat like the yacht charter in Italy for several weeks.

Finally, Sardinia and Sicily enjoy long, hot and dry summers, thus becoming one of the favorite destinations for all vacationers, but especially for those who like to relax at sea.


Rains are more frequent in the north and center of the country than in the south, even in summer. In Sardinia it hardly rains in the summer months, as is the case with the typical Mediterranean climate.

As for the possibilities of finding them, it can be said that they will be scarce for most of the year. The coast that covers from Liguria to Salento, passing through Lazio and the islands, there are only 60 days of rain a year. The Adriatic coast suffers a little more rainfall, with an average of 80 days of rain a year, especially on the coasts of Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

Sea Temperature

The sea temperature in Italy also varies according to the area, being much warmer in the south than in the north. On the Mediterranean coast it is slightly lower than that of the Adriatic, where in summer they usually spend 25o. In Sardinia the temperature of the sea reaches 25o on average in the middle of summer for the yacht charter in Italy


The Bora wind, in the northern part of the Adriatic, is the most dangerous, making navigation difficult due to very strong and habitual winter gusts. The winds of the south are moderate and bring warm air in autumn and spring, but in summer they encourage temperature rises remarkably.

Italy beaches

Italy is surrounded by five seas: the Mediterranean, the Tyrrhenian, the Adriatic, the Liguria and the Ionian. The variety of the landscape, both between the interior and the coast, as between the north and the south, and also among all its coasts and islands allows you to choose from countless options. The boat rentals in Italy will make it easier for you to travel to the beaches that we suggest below:


Cefalù is located in the north of Sicily, and has a unique beach, surrounded by typical fishermen's houses. It stands out for its surroundings and for the cliff that rises above the coast, visible miles away.

Monterosso al Mare

Monterosso al Mare is one of the most valued beaches of Cinque Terre, a very attractive and typical region of Italy. The Cinque Terre (Five Lands) are Manarola, Monterosso, Riomaggiore, Vernazza and Corniglia, and belong to the Ligurian Sea. They are usually very crowded, so if you are looking for tranquility or better it is to anchor in one of the placid corners that form between the cliffs.

 Golortizé Cove

Goloritzé Cove is on the island of Sardinia, and is one of the amazing beaches in it. Goloritzé has nothing to envy the famous Emerald Coast. Located between cliffs and endowed with sumptuous vegetation, it has a complicated access by land. That is why renting a boat in Sardinia is the best choice to get to know this quiet turquoise water cove characteristic of the Mediterranean, fantastic for motor boat rentals in Italy.


Bathed by the Adriatic Sea appears the beach of Mezzavalle, next to Ancona. It is a long stretch of white sand under a high cliff. After there with the rental boat you can access all the beaches that surround Mount Conero: San Michele, Due Sorelle (Two Sisters) or Sassi Neri (black stones).

Things to do in Italy

Italy is well known for its heritage, culture and lifestyle. The Roman Empire left unparalleled monuments, the Renaissance universal artists such as Leonardo da Vinci or Miguel, so visiting cities, monuments or museums is a smart choice if you want to know this country in depth. Along with this, modern and cosmopolitan cities such as Milan also offer a wide range of avant-garde leisure activities.

But Italy is also an exceptionally Mediterranean Mediterranean country. Many of its main tourist destinations are on the coast or near it, such as Venice, Rome or Naples, and there are famous coasts for its activity and beauty, such as Liguria or the Italian Riviera, Sardinia and Sicily, with much to enjoy in a boat with boat rentals in Italy and the yacht charter in Italy

Dream holidays

All of them allow to ensure a dream vacation with the rental of a boat. All its regions have a defined style and customs; Let's do a brief review.

Sicily with its spectacular volcanic islands.
Sardinia with the natural park of La Madalena and its idyllic anchorages for snorkeling.
In Capri, beyond the luxury shops of the port are the ruins of the Roman villas, the limestone massifs that loom over the sea (the "Faraglioni"), Anacapri the Belvedere of Tragara (a panoramic elevated walk seeded of villas) , the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra).

Naples with the largest historic city center in Europe.
The Marine Reserve of Portofino, the city of dolphins.
The luxurious villas of the Amalfi Coast.
Stroll with a beautiful gondola in Venice.
Visit charming fishing villages with relaxing sea views, all easily accessible by road, rail or boat.

Italy can take pride in owning the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage spaces - more than 50- In Italy there is everything for everyone, so discovering it with a rental boat across its coast will be an insurmountable pleasure.

What to eat in Italy

Italian cuisine is probably the most popular cuisine in the world. However, however good "ambassadors" we may find throughout the planet, nothing will be the same as enjoying it on the land itself and cooked simply or in a sophisticated way, in any of its thousands of available establishments.

The gastronomy of Italy is based on the Mediterranean diet and is therefore healthy, fun and full of flavor. Thanks to its good climate and the great production of fruits and vegetables along with the essential products of meat and fish, its variety is unparalleled in universal cuisine. They are famous pizza, pasta, risotto, cheese, ice cream ...

Pasta and pizzas are very varied both in their form and in their ingredients depending on the area where they are made. It is best to find out which is the most typical of the place you visit.

Do not forget to try the caprese salad in Capri and enjoy seafood specialties.

As for desserts, tiramisu or panna cotta are famous and highly valued. Also, if you visit Italy in summer, it is impossible not to try Italian ice cream or gelato, the best in the world.

How to get to Italy

By plane

Italy has several international airports, both on the peninsula and on the larger islands. Those with the highest traffic are the capital, Rome Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino (FCO), those in Milan-Malpensa (MXP), and Milan-Linate (LIN), Bergamo (BGY), Venice Marco Polo (VCE) and Bologna -Borgo Panigale (BLQ).

The coastal ones or islands such as Naples-Capodichino (NAP), Bari-Palese (BRI), Palermo-Punta Raisi (PMO), Palermo Falcone-Borsellino (PMO), Olbia-Costa Smeralda (OLB) are also very popular ), Cagliari Elmas (CAG) in Sardinia and Catania-Fontanarossa (CTA) in Sicily.

Alitalia is the most important airline in Italy and is part of the international SkyTeam alliance. It has direct flights from most countries in central and southern Europe. It also links with Latin America, the United States, Canada, and some countries in Africa and West Asia.


If departing from another Mediterranean country, arriving in Italy by boat, whether traveling to the peninsula or traveling to the islands, is an optimal option. There are routes from Barcelona, ​​Cote d'Azur, Balearic Islands, Malta, Greece, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro ... It is also possible from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel...

By train

Italy can be accessed by train from almost all major European cities such as Barcelona (Spain), Paris (France), Munich (Germany), and others from Austria and Switzerland. Within the peninsula, the Italian railways communicate the main Italian cities quickly.

By highway

You can get there by private vehicle or bus lines by any of the European motorways that run through the Italian territory. Among them, the E45 between Finland and Sicily, the E55 between Sweden and Greece or the E80 between Portugal and Iran.

You can choose from a multitude of means of transport that will facilitate your Italian vacation by rental boat!

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