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Boat rentals in Turkey, catamarans, sailboats, motor yacht, motor boat, ribs, gulets. Turkey is an amazing country that lies between Eastern Europe and Western Asia and is an ideal destination. Its strategic position linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Asian continent has caused its peoples to receive travelers and legacies of cultures for tens of centuries. Like the ancient Greek empire, the Roman, the Byzantine, the Persian and the Ottoman.

Beyond a large land area with a great natural and artistic heritage, Turkey is a peninsula that stretches along a coastline of more than 8,000 kilometers. It has hundreds of beaches and marinas, which bathe the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea and the Marmara. The boat rentals in Turkey guarantees you to enjoy an excellent and original holiday, enjoying a wonderful country.


Although the capital is Ankara, Istanbul stands out as the main tourist attraction along with mosques, hot springs and other monuments of the rich Turkish heritage. However, many times one of the most unique characteristics of this splendid country is obvious: its innumerable beaches endowed with unparalleled beauty. All or almost all of them are of very fine white sand and turquoise blue waters, which can be accessed with boat rentals in Turkey and that leave tourists speechless.

Sailing in Turkey

Renting a boat in Turkey is an optimal way to discover Turkey. Next, we write down the most outstanding ports to embark:


Marmaris to the southwest of Turkey, is located in an area surrounded by forests within a bay where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean meet. To choose to sail in Marmaris, is to choose a spectacular climate, waters suitable for water sports and practically virgin beaches.

All this makes Marmaris a tourist reference point in the Aegean sailing. Although it still enjoys the charm and tranquility of a fishing village, being strategically located by its geographical location, it is a political reference and a consolidated holiday destination, being a reference for leisure and nature.

We highlight in this enclave two options:

  • Netsel Marina, a port with 750 available moorings and boats of up to 40m in length and 12m of draft.
  • Albatros Marina, which has 250 moorings

Fethiye Ece Marina.

The Ece marina is located on a tourist strip called Fethiye in southwestern Turkey, at the east end of a city with a striking and award-winning neoclassical architecture. It has one of the best services and equipment in this part of the Mediterranean.

Ece is a relatively young port, opened in 2003, so a part of its infrastructure is very modern. The coordinates of the marina are: 36 ° 37 ’14 “N, 29 ° 06 ’51” W.
It consists of three breakwater rights and four parallel piers with moorings for yachts on both sides.

As it was designed for large yachts and its waters are quite deep, medium-sized boats have no problem maneuvering. Certain difficulties can only appear when the wind blows from the west, forming some waves inside the port.

5 star marina

The marina has 465 moorings for yachts inside its docks, as well as an exclusive VIP dock located outside the marina. We can say that Ece is a five-star marina.

It has absolutely all the necessary services, showers, toilets, gas station, business center, supermarket, medical center, the best restaurants in this area and a five-star hotel.

The old town of Fethiye is only 20 minutes away from the marina and there you can find many leisure options in addition to boat rentals in Turkey.


Also located in the Gulf of Fethiye, Göcek is one of the most typical and picturesque destinations in Turkey. A perfect area for a holiday on a rental boat in Turkey and to enjoy its great mountains with coves with crystal clear waters and ancient Turkish traditions.

The port of Göcek has 210 berths for boats of up to 35m in length and 7m of draft, and basic services for a rental boat.


Since the end of the last century Bodrum has undergone a transformation to become one of the most famous holiday destinations on the Turkish Aegean coast. It is located very close to the Greek island of Kos very attractive for diving and water sports in general.


Kemer is a charming city located in southern Turkey, at the base of the Taurus Mountains. It is one of the preferred destinations for the nautical charter thanks to its coastline of unique beaches and its unique landscapes. And that you can enjoy with the boat rentals in Turkey with the catamaran rentals in Turkey.

Along with the ports described, the Turquoise Coast (also known as the Turkish Riviera) in the province of Antalya should also be highlighted. It is one of the most recognized areas to sailing, which does not disappoint anyone. It has all the attributes of the Mediterranean landscape, with olive trees, orange trees and lots of vegetation, mixed with mountains, sand and incredibly transparent and clean waters. Ideal for sailboat rentals in Turkey.

The ports of the Turquoise Coast are in high demand in the months of July and August, so it is advisable to process a mooring well in advance. However, the great length of the Turkish coast allows you to easily find a secluded and lonely place to anchor. Perfect for boat rentals in Turkey.

Finally, we suggest any excuses to the islands around Turkey. From the island of Marmara, Büyükada, İmralı, to Gökçeada and Bozcaada, or even if you have time available, why not a cruise to any of the nearby Greek islands. The mixture between the turquoise waters and the absolute tranquility that you will find in this part of the Mediterranean will turn it into a few days of total relaxation on board with the motor yacht rentals in Turkey with crew.

Weather for sailing in Turkey

Navigation season

As in most of the Mediterranean, the best season to rent a boat in Turkey and sail is between May and October, when the best weather conditions occur. But you can also choose to navigate in the months of September and October, when the wind blows moderately and the air and water temperatures are still warm.


The temperature on the coast of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea in Turkey also responds to the characteristics of the Mediterranean. In July and August they usually exceed 30o. In spring and autumn they oscillate between the 20th and 30th. In winter they are much cooler, but negative values ​​are not usually reached on the coast.


In the months of July and August, rains on the southern coast of Turkey practically do not exist. Between May and October there is very little rainfall, appearing in the winter months, especially in December and January.

Sea temperature

The temperature of the sea in the Turquoise Coast is very pleasant from May to September, being able to arrive in the most eastern part, from Antalya, to exceed 30o. In the area of ​​Bodrum or Marmaris in the months of navigation, it is not customary to lower the 20o, so it can be said that any area is suitable for enjoying the sea in summer. Coldest months the water temperature is around 12o.


Normally the winds are moderate or very soft. During the afternoon there are western breezes that benefit sailing, but without great force. One of the most unpredictable is the Meltemi, which comes from the northeast and is somewhat more intense in the area of ​​Bodrum or Marmaris than in Antalya. The mud blows from the southeast, occurs more in autumn and winter and is usually accompanied by heavy rains.

Although Turkey has access to 4 seas, the truth is that the most navigable area is that of the Mediterranean Sea, where there are practically no tides. However, in winter you can reach very high waves.

Turkey Beaches

Turkey has thousands of kilometers of coastline between the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and therefore enjoys a multitude of beaches and coves to enjoy. Obviously, the busiest are in the Mediterranean.

We will make a brief review of the most outstanding:

In the Göcek Zone, in addition to the coves of Atbuku and Bedri Rahmi, the most attractive option is to visit one of the 12 islands that surround it. Along the coast near Bodrum there are two great beaches: Gumbet Beach, and Bitez Beach, with spectacular sunsets.

Golden sand beaches

Sailing along the Lycian Coast, we will be surprised by long beaches of golden sand, such as Sarigerme and Inliceo or charming coves such as Gobun, one of Turkey’s best known natural wonders. Located in the middle of 2 cliffs, it is a perfect option to enjoy nature from your rental boat.

Forming a beautiful picture of colors we find the beach of Antinkum, and if you are looking for tranquility, you have to visit the beach of Turun, where silence reigns, far from other more touristy and bustling.

In Ölüdeni, near Fethiye, we find many beautiful beaches, but the valley beach and the butterfly bay, or Kelebekler Vadisi. Special beach because there nature is especially taken care of by staying practically virgin. And that you can see with your own eyes with the boats rentals in Turkey.

More options on this coast are the Icmeler beach – excellent for water sports – and the Marmaris beach – surrounded by crystal clear waters and pine trees.

If you want a long white sand beach, Iztuzu is yours. Located in Dalyan, halfway between Fethiye and Marmaris, which reaches 3 kilometers of sand. It is also a space where in summer you can see how the turtles are going to do their laying. Another nearby option is to navigate to Sedir Island, also equipped with crystal clear waters and fine sand.

Patara is a beach in the province of Antalya, captivates its visitors for its white sand. It is also a territory where loggerhead turtles lay eggs.

Çıralı beach in the Kemer district of Antalya has the distinction of being next to the ancient city of Olympos. Bordering the coast of Kemer the most charming beaches are Terikova and Moonlight Beach.

Historical ruins

A few kilometers from Antalya it is possible to navigate along historical ruins along the beaches of the 3 bays of Phaselis. They are of somewhat gray songs, but with a lot of vegetation and transparent waters.

In the Aegean Sea we highlight the Akvaryum beach in Bozcaada (the second largest island in Turkey).

Finally, in Muğla province we have two: The Iztuzu beach in the Dalyan district that is at the same time home for loggerhead turtles, and the beach of Kabak Bay, really a natural beauty, with its butterflies and turtles ; unparalleled

Things to do in Turkey


With an extraordinary cultural and historical legacy, Turkey offers many options for tourism. Do not miss important cities like Ankara, the capital, or of course, Istanbul, metropolis in the Bosphorus Strait and former capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empire.

Istanbul hosts the magnificent Basilica of Saint Sophia with its high dome and Christian mosaics, the huge 17th-century Blue Mosque, the Topkapı Palace, which was home to sultans around the year 1460, the Galata Tower that dominates the city and offers a magnificent panoramic view or even the Grand Bazaar, the largest in the world!

But don’t ignore other cities like Mardin, with its beautiful buildings made of sandstone, or Marmaris, Side or Ephesus. Visit also the hidden regions in the middle of the Anatolian peninsula, such as the limestone baths of Pamukkale or the cave spaces of Cappadocia, a historical region and a UNESCO protected site.

In other words, there are dozens of cities thousands of years old, some of which are already only ruins, but very interesting to visit.

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

For example, Bodrum, where the ruins of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, a Greek tomb of the year 353 a. C. qualified as one of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It has a promenade full of exotic restaurants and cafes, and a fun nightlife.

The most appreciated archeological sites contain the imposing ruins of Troy and Pergamum, the Roman remains of Hierapolis or the ancient cities of Ephesus and Telmesos.

At the top of the mountain of Nemrut Dagi are the vestiges of five statues dated at the time of King Antioch. A portentous show that you should not miss.

Markets and bazaars

Stroll through Turkey’s famous markets and bazaars, buy apple and spice tea, taste local specialties such as kebap, börek or lahmacun, or try hammam … Immerse yourself in Turkish culture! and live it with the boat rentals in Turkey.

Some options for leisure are the Greek island of Kos or the beautiful city of Kemer, one of the quietest places in Turkey, ideal for rest, guardian of mixtures of traditional culture and art, and with a very cozy local life.

Do not forget to take a walk around the center, seeing the shops of local products, carpet weavers, or trying the Turkish gastronomic specialties. It is a pleasure to get lost in the fun streets of this amazing city, full of street markets and local activities.


As for Spas you can visit Antalya, the most important in the region of the same name, or in the natural area of ​​Hierapolis, discover the hot springs of Pamukkale. It is a prodigious and strange landscape, with turquoise blue and white colors scattered all over the hillside. You can admire that wonder with the motor boat rentals in Turkey.

Turkey also offers different activities for both adults and children. Windsurf in Alcati, a paradise for water sports. Rafting in the canyons, such as the one near Antalya (Koprulu canyon) or Artvin (Coruh river), or simply stroll through the rapt mountains looking at the Saklikent canyon. Fishing on Lake Bafa, take on the monster of Lake Van or enjoy the seabed by diving with rib rentals in Turkey.


What to eat in Turkey

In the last 30 years, Turkish cuisine has become universal and famous thanks to kebab and döner. Whether you like this type of food or if you think that those you find in your country are not the same, you should know that the locals have a special flavor that will conquer you.

Despite the fame of these two icons, Turkish cuisine goes far beyond that.

It uses the ingredients of the Mediterranean diet, but also others originating in Asia and Arabia, which give it a unique and very special idiosyncrasy. Is cooked a lot with veal, to which many vegetables, rice, legumes, and especially spices are added.

A typical meal can start with mezze, which are very varied typical snacks. There are fish and seafood, but also vegetables such as hummus or vegetables such as tomatoes or eggplant. Delights that you can enjoy on board the gulet rentals in Turkey with crew.

Finally, do not miss some typical sweets from Greece or Cyprus but also from Turkey, the baklava. Are made with phyllo dough, nuts, honey and syrup. They are a delicacy of many forms and flavors that also get used to eating between meals.

How to get to Turkey

Turkey has numerous international airports spread throughout the country. The busiest are the 2 of Istanbul, the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport (IST) and the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW), as well as those of Ankara Esenboğa (ESB), Antalya (AYT), and İzmir Adnan Menderes (EDB).

If you are going to visit the Turquoise Coast, you can use the commented ones of Antalya or Izmir (Izmir), but also the airports of Dalaman (DLM) about 200 km from Antalya, Gazipaşa-Alanya (GZP), Milas-Bodrum (BJV), or Edremit Balıkesir Koca Seyit (EDO), next to the Greek island of Lesbos.

The national company is Turkish Airlines, belonging to the international Star Alliance. It is one of the strongest airlines in the world and usually flies to all countries. You can travel to all of Europe except Slovakia and Iceland, and also to almost all of America, Asia, Oceania and part of Africa.


To Turkey can be reached by boat from both Istanbul and Izmir or Bodrum, from many Mediterranean ports and islands. Obviously the closest are those from Italy or Greece. The ferry is another option if you travel from Greece, Egypt and Cyprus.


Turkey is not a proclive country to visit train. It is only relatively easy from Iran or Greece, although there is also a route for the rest of Europe that lasts several days: the “Transbalcánico”.

By highway

If you use a private vehicle, you can drive on European motorways or E-roads: the E80 and the E90, which connects Turkey with Portugal, and the E87 between Antalya and Ukraine.

¿You prefer the bus?, you can move from Romania and Greece. There are also lines from Iran, but the journey is very long and tired.

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