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Here is a list of frequently asked questions with answers that will help you with any doubts.

What is included and what is not included in the rent of the book

Here is a list of frequently asked questions that will help you with your doubts. The prices are published on our web are related to a particular season. Availability and final price of the boats will send you a budget on a proposal by email. Prices include: rental of the boat with safety equipment, electronic, and dinghy. the necessary operating instructions of the boat, navigation guides, tools, etc. are also included Also you will have technical assistance from the base for daily rental duration.

Not included in rental prices (unless otherwise indicated on the provider): The final cleaning of the boat, fuel, food, transportation and travel costs from airports or ports to the base of the boat and vice versa. Neither port fees, cost of mooring and tourist taxes are included (if that were the case. In many cases the mooring in port base, is included). If you want specific and detailed information, please contact us and we are delighted we will provide a detailed budget.

There may be mandatory to add to the price depending on the port or options chosen destination. The list of options is detailed in each budget. Usually the cost of the final cleaning of the boat and consumables such as cooking gas.

Optionally you can add a few extras like: Sheets, towels, Paddle, outboard motor dinghy, catering, wi-fi, pattern, etc. All these extras appear in each of the chips boats, but you can ask any questions. For the full price of rent’ve to add to the rental price, mandatory and optional extras, fuel, etc. This is an automatic option to find when applying the budget on our website.

What license is required to rent a yacht?

We recommend that before you choose the boat you want to rent, check with Nautic Adventure if the license or certification you have, it is enabled on the destination you have chosen. For renting a motor boat over 6 HP a valid license is required. In case you want to rent a boat in Croatia, a VHF radio license is required. In many cases the licenses already integrate the VHF certificate. In any case, you always have the option to hire a professional skipper. Consultation with Nautic Adventure and we will inform.

Does the yacht rental insurance?

All boats offered by Nautic Adventure duty are insured and insured against all damages to third parties. Normally you will have to pay a security deposit. The security deposit is the amount deductible insurance amount will not be refunded in case of damage in the rented boat.

For your own peace of mind, you can subscribe to a bond insurance, this insurance you can avoid the risk mentioned above and cover 100% of the vessel, and if the event of any unexpected event occurs as damage to the boat was given, the entire deposit will be refunded. In Nautic Adventure we recommend subscribe to deposit insurance or insurance with foreign company who are specialists in this field. These deposit insurance will be about 4% of the total cost of renting the boat. You are same insurance companies also offer cancellation insurance and repatriation if necessary. For more information about these insurances you can contact us.

What guarantees do I have that I rented yacht is in the port when it arrives?

We have selected the best destinations and the best fleet. We only work with professional rental companies that meet the requirements of service standards and quality that we demand in Nautic Adventure to all our employees. continuously update the information on their bases and fleets. Thanks to this control, we can ensure the reliability of our employees. If if your boat is not in the agreed terms, due to damage or malfunction caused by the previous customer, for example, we would’ll offer one similar or even better, or if necessary for lack of an alternative, we will pay you rent.

Can I rent the yacht with skipper and / or hostess?

If you prefer to rent your boat with a professional skipper because you have no license or because you want to enjoy the boat without worrying about it, we offer the best skippers. All our skippers are professionals and we offer are holders professional qualifications. As for languages ​​you do not have to worry because usually speak several languages ​​and English fluently. If you would like something specific with respect to the skipper, please let us know.

Even if you hire one skipper you will continue being in charge on board, although the skipper will be responsible for the tasks of navigation and safety on board. He will be happy to participate in the maneuvers, and if you wish, will teach the basics of navigation and handling of the boat.

You must keep in mind that the skipper will need to sleep on board in a separate cabin or lounge boat. You’ll have to take account of their meals, like those of the other members of the crew.

Depending on the destination, price skipper will range from about 150 to 300 euros per day. On each tab of the boats you will find this information. Keep in mind that the skipper is not in charge of cooking or cleaning. If you think you’ll need to hire a hostess or a cook to prepare meals, clean the salon, cabins or take care that everything is in order on board. Here you can find our boats with all the information.

What are the payment conditions for the reservation?

To confirm the rental booking your boat, you should contact the counselor Nautic Adventure will make a fallback option (lock boat) for a period of time until you submit the required amount is normally 50% of amount of the boat if you book more than 30 days in advance.

The reservation will be considered firm when the reservation deposit is received (by bank transfer or credit card. You will need to pay 100% of the booking for all made less than 1 month in advance before the date of shipment.

Also, full payment must be made at most, one month prior to shipment, either directly to the base or to Nautic Adventure. Mandatory and optional extras will be paid on arrival. Make sure your advisor or responsible for the base before departure.

Can I have transfer from the airport to the yacht and order supplies on board?

Normally you can hire the service shift as an option with the same company hire your boat and if we can do you communicate at the time of booking. You will be sent a taxi or a minibus from the base and take you to the ship. This service will be paid on the destination.

As for the provisions, some supermarkets offer their customers the delivery service aboard the boat. Some rental companies may also send a complete list of supplies that filled remitirás so it can be delivered on board upon arrival. You can consult with the head of the base or directly with Nautic Adventure.

Will I get information about routes and places to be visited in the destination?

It is always advisable to study along with the rest of the crew in advance, routes and places you want to visit destination. In Nautic Adventure we can advise the desirable for renting 7 or 14 days routes. But you must always keep in mind that your itinerary may be altered due to weather conditions and / or wind if you rent a sailboat or catamaran. But it is always advisable to have planned an itinerary to follow and the stops to provide supplies, water, fuel, etc.

If you hire a professional skipper, it is advisable to arrange the route together. Obviously we recommend listening to the advice of the pattern since he knows the navigation area and the best places to drop anchor and spend the night if you do not in a port.

What are the embarkation and disembarkation schedules?

In the Mediterranean destinations, most fleets of sailboats and catamarans are always rented from Saturday to Saturday. In the case of motor yachts you can usually be rented by the day no matter what day of the week.

Typically check in (boarding) is made on Saturday afternoon. And check out (final revision in delivery) will be held on Friday afternoon for the following week. Optionally and for free, you’ll spend the night from Friday to Saturday morning on the boat. Technicians and cleaning equipment need to prepare the ship for the following clients. For that reason you will have to disembark at most between 8 and 9 am. The reason for reducing in half day period is due to the time required for preparing the boat for the next customer.

What happens in case of cancellation?

In case of cancellation, you must notify Nautic Adventure as soon as possible. The cancellation terms and conditions are written and detailed in the contract of renting the boat charter company that you hire. If the boat is rented by someone else in the cancellation period, your deposit will be refunded deducting 10% for management fees. If the boat is not rented during this period, base your deposit will be charged.

We recommend hiring a cancellation insurance with an insurance company to ensure that if canceled, recover your money. Ask Nautic Adventure for the information you need in that regard.

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These are the frequently asked questions. But if you have not found the answers you need, you can contact us. We will be happy to help you at any time by any means of contact. Thank you.


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