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What to know to rental a gulet in Menorca

Gulet rentals in Menorca skippered. The lowest prices on all lengths and models, guaranteed. Gulet charter in Menorca

Ports, marinas and moorings:

Gulet rentals in Menorca has two important ports: Port Mahón and Ciutadella where you can rent a gulet of any length.

The most important port with the highest number of marinas is the Port of Mahon. It is located in the east of Menorca and is very spectacular because it is a natural entrance from the sea to the land, which makes it a large and very protected port of the bad weather conditions at sea and perfect for motorboat rentals in Menorca. It has a magnificent facilities and the marinas are very modern and welcome all kinds of sailboats that arrive from many places of the world. Perfect for the gulet rentals in Menorca.

Port of Ciudadella

Port of Ciutadella which is on the other side of the island in the southwest, is quite smaller but equally spectacular and beautiful. It is also a language of the sea that enters the earth and on both sides are the typical constructions of the island and the famous castle that welcomes the navigators.

The north of Menorca are between the rocky coast and spectacular natural parks the ports of: Marina Cala FornellsMarina Addaya

In the west zone there is only one port, the spectacular port of Ciutadella which has this marina: Marina Ciutadella

And in the east of the island is where we can find the largest number of marinas in the spectacular port of Mahon: Marina Club Marítimo MahónMarina MenorcaMarina Mahón.

That must be visited by boat for example with the gulet rentals in Menorca in group at least once

The weather in Menorca

The sun is the main protagonist on the island of Menorca which gives a special light to this beautiful island of the Mediterranean. That has a privileged climate all year round, with an average of no less than 300 days of sunshine and an average annual temperature that Oscillates between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. During the summer the maximums reach between 29 and 31 degrees. The minimum temperature during the night in winter is between 5 and 9 degrees. Excellent for the gulet rentals in Menorca with skipper.

Gastronomy in Menorca

Gastronomy of Menorca is characteristic by the use of natural ingredients as much of the earth as extracted from the sea. Fresh fish, lobster, cheese and gin are the most remarkable of Menorca’s gastronomy. In which we must not forget the meat from the island’s native farms, with exquisite dishes such as the partridges of the Menorcan, lamb braids. And the traditional sausages of slaughter.

The vegetables and vegetables of the island that are of a high quality, turn these products into some of the most prestigious Menorcan dishes where the “oliaigu amb figues”, the staple food of the Menorcan farmers, stands out, and the baked eggplants.

Essential places to visit in Menorca

Menorca motorboat charter allows you to sail the coves and wonderful beaches in one of the most contrasting destinations on the coast. You can tour a huge variety of places to anchor with the sailboat. If you have the necessary time, it is recommended to make the complete return to the island. Menorca is an island that you have to visit by motorboat and to which you will want to return again to explore some of its beaches and coves among which stand out with the gulet charter in Menorca by day trip.

Sailing in Menorca

Navigating the north coast can be risky because it is unprotected from the famous Tramuntana wind, which when it blows strong can be dangerous, so it is recommended to know in advance the weather before embarking on navigation in the north. It is an abrupt coast, of incoming and outgoing between cliffs that embellish the landscape. Perfect for the gulet rentals in Menorca with family.

Coast little exploited where we will be able to enjoy in solitude of magnificent coves and nooks and crannies by the sea. The south is the opposite and is much more peaceful since it is protected from the north wind. Although we should not lower our guard as the winds in the channel between the islands can become strong, as well as the currents, to which we must pay attention.

For less expert sailors it is recommended to sail south of Menorca where you will find, besides less danger with the wind, the best coves on the island, and are many and spectacular. Highly recommended the gulet rentals in Menorca with crew.

How to get Menorca

To Menorca can be reached by plane from the most important cities of Europe throughout the summer. And by sea, it can be reached by ferry from the Iberian Peninsula or Mallorca, to the Port of Mahon or Ciutadella. From the airport of the island it is very easy to find a transport that will take us to any point of the island in few minutes.

Destinations to rent gulets in Menorca:

  • Gulet rental in Mahón
  • Gulet rental in Ciutadella
  • Gulet rental in Cala Fornells

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