A passion turned into a profession

At Nautic Adventure we turn our passion for the sea into our profession and a way of life. Nautic Adventure (Nautic Adventure, s.l.u.) is a Spanish agency based in Mallorca, from where it manages reservation operations around the world. A passion turned into a profession.

We love the sea and sailing

Therefore, more than 10 years ago, we decided ourselves at the service of the people who like us are passionate about the sea and need to rent a boat to enjoy their passion.

In these years, we have acquired a great experience in the charter industry and now have access to more than 45,000 boats available to rent in real time worldwide.

Confidence and fleet

Since 2013 we collaborate with the best boat rental companies around the world. We are part of the platforms most important and reliable reserves in the world with the best fleets of all types of pleasure boats, from small boats, sailboats, catamarans, mega yachts. All our partners are certified and offer the best guarantees of quality and service.

Nautic Adventure Yacht Charter is an agency of Spain and more specifically in the Majorca Island, where he directs the operations all bookings worldwide. A passion turned into a profession.

Agility and simplicity

Nautic Adventure Yacht Charter have the more current and modern tools of management and reserves. On our website you will find real-time any boat at any destination and you’ll know immediately if available, and if you wish, you can make reservations online, or if you prefer, we’ll find for you the boat that you want in the best conditions and price, adjusting to the criteria you specify.

Expert Advice

In Nautic Adventure Yacht Charter we are experts in our work and we can advise you on the perfect choice of the best boat that suits your needs and desires.

Whether you’re a connoisseur of boats and are a regular customer, as if you’ve never rented a boat, we will advise you on the best choice depending on the various factors which include: the length, the number of cabins, baot type and of course the destination, all very important key points when booking a boat.

From the beginning of the booking process you will be advised by a person which will be dedicated to you and your book and with which you can contact at any time by email or by phone.


Nautic Adventure Yacht Charter offers all types of boats with different prices depending on factors including the time of year of the booking, destination, boat type, length and year of construction.

In any case you will find any boat at reasonable prices and in many cases at low prices and last minute offers, early booking discounts and special discounts for customer loyalty repeater. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website, call us or send us an email and we will find the best deal for you.

In any case, we recommend that you book your boat well in advance because you can benefit from great discounts, plus you can choose from many more available boats.

Nautic Experience Plus

In Nautic Adventure Yacht Charter, we help you make the whole process that covers your trip as comfortable, fun and safe as possible from start to finish. We put at your disposal a letter of services that you can hire according to your tastes and needs, with totally free advice. Selected, diversified and economic options. It is “Nautic Experience Plus”. Enjoy it!