The advantages of renting a boat

The advantages of renting a boat. Contrary to what many think, the holidays in a rental boat, is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences. One example is that many of our clients are repeaters because after checking for themselves that is fantastic, they decide to repeat the experience every year, in the same destination, or in any other place than above. There are many reasons why the rent a pleasure boat is an excellent choice for your holiday. Here we list some of the reasons that will encourage you to take the decision to rent a pleasure boat for you and your family or friends:

The price

All we ever thought that renting a byacht was for rich and very expensive. But Nautic Adventure you rent a boat show that is an option even in many cases cheaper than renting an apartment or hotel. In our search engine you can find sailboat rental destinations worldwide by affordable prices for the vast majority of pockets.

As an example, a sailboat for 8 people in the Mediterranean you can find it at a cost of less than € 30 per person per day. Even if you choose a season than the highest, you will surprise the price so low that means rent the boat. There are many different options from which to choose and will surely find the price that fits your budget. Compare here some prices

And do not forget that the yacht can take it wherever you want and enjoy the best beaches and coves carrying the “apartment” above. And that is priceless. The freedom to decide where you want to relax or where you want to spend the night. These and many others, are advantages that only have renting a boat.

The activities

Are many activities you can do in a rental yachts. From coast to know the destination from the best possible point of view, from the sea. Discovering places along the coast in many cases, they are inaccessible from land, and you can only visit him meet with the ship. But there are many more:

  • Fishing
  • Go snorkelling
  • Paddel surf
  • Kayak
  • Waterskiing
  • Photograph
  • Walking the coastline
  • Visiting ports
  • Reading books and meditating
  • To now the local gastronomy

And of course sailing. Since that it is to rent a boat. The unique sensations that you live by hovering over the sea driven by the wind, offer you the chance to feel free and forget the stress of daily life and work.

Nothing like making a good afternoon snack and sit in the cockpit of the boat to enjoy a spectacular sunset over the sea. Or a nice dinner cooked on board and enjoyed in the deck surrounded by peace and a pleasant light breeze. Have for you the best terrace “front” of the sea, unmatched.

But if what you want is a holiday with friends or family. A boat is a fantastic party to celebrate a different place everything else. Background music in the boat equipment, cold drinks, something to eat and the sea as main host.


The yachts are comfortable but can not seem from outside. Have you ever boarded a catamaran? This type of boat is getting in recent years a boom worldwide for its spacious, comfortable and open, both inside and on the deck spaces. They feature spacious and comfortable cabins with bathrooms en suite in many cases. The catamaran offers greater intimacy that is appreciated. Find here for some fantastic catamarans

In these boats premium the spaciousness and comfort in all aspects. A large indoor lounge with a large and fully equipped kitchen. A large bath with plenty of room to sit at a large table with seating for all the crew and lounge access directly without having to go up or down stairs. Bow has a large entertainment area and rest with nets where you can lie down to sleep, read or just watch the sea while passing beneath you prune. Undoubtedly one of the great options if you want comfort and fun for the whole family or with friends, it is a catamaran.

And capacity, is also the best choice because the minimum crew that can carry is 8 people, but in many cases can be 10 or even 12 people. What makes, if we divide the cost of renting per person, the final cost is low and very profitable difference to other yachts. The advantages of renting a boat

Sleeping on a yacht

Undoubtedly, you will not find a more perfect place to sleep on a boat. All our clients are unanimous in that regard and always say the same thing: “I slept like a baby on the yacht”.

The pleasant feeling of sleeping cradled gently by the sea is a feeling so pleasant, without realizing that you are involved in the arms of Morpheus. And what a good nap in the shade lying after a good meal.

Children on board

Children are always the protagonists on yachts. They are most take every minute to be on board. For them, all on a boat is an adventure and live with great enthusiasm. They become their dreams and become the protagonists of the adventures they have read in books of pirates and sailors.

Anything on a yacht for a child is an excuse to have fun. Diving from the side of the ship is one of the favorite things for them and they will until they drop from exhaustion him. Will dive, swim, investigate every corner of the boat and a walk to the beach on the auxiliary boat will be something to celebrate with enthusiasm. You have the guarantee that will be an unforgettable and enriching experience for children. They know thank you. The advantages of renting a boat.

Live the experience with Nautic Adventure !!