We promote sustainable tourism

We promote sustainable tourism in the oceans and seas.

Climate change. The future of our oceans

Join life. Join the future of the sustainable planet…

Faced with the unstoppable process of climate change that is already causing real damage on the planet. Nautic Adventure joins all the initiatives that have been launched worldwide to try to improve things and we want to contribute our grain of sand and encourage sustainable tourism.

One of the big problems is the spills into the sea of all kinds of materials that poison the oceans. And from Nautic Adventure we want to raise awareness of all our clients to join this initiative. We know that true lovers of the sea do everything possible so that there are no spills to our seas. But even so, we ask our clients to pay more attention and try to avoid spillages of any kind from the boats.

It is everyone’s responsibility that the seas do not die and everything that lives in them does not disappear. Nautic Adventure since its inception has tried to raise awareness among its clients so that they are true environmentalists during their stay on the ships. And we keep doing it every day with these criteria:

  • Strict standards of “0” spills into the sea
  • Sustainability of coastal ecosystems
  • Respect to the seabed in the anchorages with the anchor
  • No to the invasion of swimming areas
  • Use of wind power and sails whenever possible
  • Preservation of protected natural areas
  • Information and training to our clients about the marine environment