The best sailing magazines: discover the best ones

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The saying goes that “there is no man of the sea who cannot drown”. And it is true that no matter how experienced we are in sailing, when we go out to sea we can suffer some mishap and every precaution is too little. For this reason, and for pleasure, many sailing enthusiasts buy sailing magazines. They usually include practical advice for sailing, comparisons between boats, and many other topics of interest. Below, we have proposed to give you the definitive list of the most recommended nautical magazines and other more unknown ones, but which may also be of interest to you.

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Introduction to the world of navigation magazines

Boating magazines are a good source of information for boaters, enthusiasts and professionals alike. These publications often include articles and features on the latest trends in boating technology and equipment. But they also provide information on fascinating destinations, sailing techniques and practical tips to enhance the boating experience. From boat reviews and product comparisons to tales of epic voyages and interviews with experts, each issue is designed to satisfy the curiosity and needs of those who share a passion for exploring the oceans.

Benefits of reading sailing magazines

Before recommending the best sailing magazines in our opinion, we would like to explain what these publications can bring you.

Up-to-date information on trends. Allows you to keep up to date with the latest trends in the boating industry and innovations in equipment and accessories.

Exploration of advanced technology. Analysis of new technologies applied to boating.

Have practical advice and share experiences. The most valued magazines are those that provide step-by-step advice, as we will see below.

Exclusive interviews with leading sailors, industry experts and other personalities.

Generate community and connections through the magazine. For example: participating in nautical events.

And now that you know that it is a good idea to read nautical magazines, let’s go with the best sailing magazines. We have made a selection of magazines in Spanish, English and French, being the Spanish ones the weakest in terms of content in our opinion

Let’s go there.

Selection of the best sailing magazines in Spanish

As we were saying, European magazines are more complete due to the scarce diffusion of Spanish magazines. This motivates them to live on advertising and the vast majority of the content is almost all advertising. Even so, these are the selected nautical publications:

  • Barcos a Vela.
    Barcos a Vela is the nautical magazine for sailboat enthusiasts. It includes: All the news from the world of sailing boats, exhaustive tests of new products, competition, accessories, electronics, cruises, regattas, dinghy sailing, maintenance and second-hand market.


  • Skipper
    The doyenne and one of the leaders in the nautical press in our language.


  • The AD Guide (Acastillage Diffusion)
    Recently renewed, the guide is a real invitation to travel by motorboat or sailboat, with expert advisors who will provide you with valuable tips.


  • Mundoyate (Formerly Yachting World Spain)
    A magazine that preserves the essential values and passion for sailing, with an extensive section on powerboats, superyachts and style. Mundoyate is the most exclusive nautical magazine, where the reader will find articles, reports, analysis and photographs of the highest quality. Mundoyate is aimed at a select target, passionate about sailing and its lifestyle.


  • 100×100 Regata.
    Quarterly magazine with all the latest news about sailing and regattas.

Other legendary magazines in our language were Yate, Nautica and Grandes Esloras (important magazines whose company went bankrupt back in 2012).

Selection of the best sailing magazines in French

  • Voiles et voiliers (
    On their website they have a series of recommended monographic magazines on various topics.


  • Voile magazine. Dedicated to sailing, through its articles it offers concrete answers and practical solutions to questions asked by sailors. You will find tests of new boats, comparisons, equipment tests, reports on long-distance cruising, lessons for learning to sail, do-it-yourself advice and renovation tips.


  • Bateux.
     Yachting magazine


  • L’argus du bateau (
    The magazine of reference if you are looking for used (and new) powerboats and sailboats.


  • Chasse Marée
    A very reliable bimonthly publication, especially for fans of traditional boats and maritime history. It is also very useful for model shipbuilding enthusiasts.


Selection of the best sailing magazines in English

  • Practical Boat Owner (PBO) s Britain’s best-selling boating magazine, recognized and respected by all its readers. In each issue they offer:
    – Practical advice and detailed guides to maintaining your boat.
    – Features and articles on boating adventures and destinations.
    – Interaction and shared experiences with other boating enthusiasts.
  • Yachting monthly ( Similar to above. Valuable content, practical for learning, entertaining and very useful.
  • Yacthting World americana. t is the leading international magazine in the world of sailing. With the best nautical writing and stunning photography, this publication is a must for sailing enthusiasts, from ocean racing and blue water cruising to the most glamorous superyachts. The magazine is published monthly, 12 issues a year. Enjoy up-to-date technical reports, regatta analysis, new boat testing and much more. Each issue includes:
    – Up-to-the-minute technical reports.
    – Detailed regatta analysis.
    – New boat tests and reviews.
    – High quality nautical photography.
  • Boating. The world’s leading motor boating magazine. The definitive publication for recreational boating enthusiasts. Each issue is packed with unbiased boat tests, buying and selling tips, must-have equipment, boating safety, towing, do-it-yourself advice and the latest in electronics.
  • Watercraft. A little-known magazine dedicated to craft and amateur boatbuilding. It is a bimonthly publication aimed at boat enthusiasts who want to do it, not dream about it. It features attractive boat designs from around the world and practical articles on all aspects of boat building, in the boatyard and in the backyard. Watercraft regularly features wooden boats and “green” boats, with plans for homebuilders in each issue. Watercraft looks to tradition for information, and to the future for inspiration and innovation.

Criteria for choosing a good navigation magazine

When choosing a good boating magazine, it is important to consider some criteria to help ensure that the chosen magazine is an enriching source of information, such as: Credibility. Check the magazine’s track record within the boating community. Credible publications usually have recognized contributors and reliable sources.

  • Periodicity of publication. Choosing magazines that are published on a regular basis will keep you up to date on the latest news and trends in the boating industry.
  • Quality of content. It is best to choose a boating publication that provides well-researched articles, in-depth reporting and good practical advice.
  • Editorial focus aligned with our personal goals. Some magazines focus more on recreational boating, while others focus more on recreational boating.

These criteria together with the list of recommended sailing magazines and specialized media that we have seen can serve as a guide to enter the world of subscription to nautical magazines. If you miss any magazine in our list, please contact us so that we can include it and expand the selection.