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What to know to rent a boat in Seychelles Islands

Boat reentals in Seychelles Islands bareaboat or skippered. There is a place in the world that can be said to be a true paradise. That place is the archipelago of the Seychelles Islands. This famous place has the islands with what are possibly the most irresistible and beautiful beaches in the world. You can find from small coves to beaches of more than one kilometer of fine white sand, bathed by a crystalline and turquoise sea ideal for boat rentals in Seychelles islands.

The virgin nature of the Seychelles surprises everyone and is one of the few left on the planet. And despite being a very small archipelago since all its islands together occupy less space than the island of Ibiza, it has hundreds of fascinating places to discover with the sailboat rentals in Seychelles Islands.

Things to do in Seychelles

Rent a boat in Seychelles Islands

As in other tropical destinations, the sea, the biggest of the shows and the main protagonist. And to discover its most advisable beauty is to rent a boat in Seychelles and explore its fascinating islands and beaches. One of the best options is to rent a catamaran in Seychelles with skipper.

With a catamaran with skipper, we can design a route advised by the local skipper that will recommend the best places to visit. And we don’t have to worry about the boat because the skipper takes care of everything that has to do with the catamaran.

Diving with whale sharks

The Seychelles Islands are a perfect place for diving in the Indian Ocean, thanks to the variety of its spectacular marine fauna. Swimming between whale sharks is an unforgettable and spectacular feeling. And all this thanks to the boat rentals in Seychelles Islands.

Morne Seychellois National Park

Not everything is beaches in the Seychelles. One of the great natural spectacles of the islands is the Morne Seychellois natural package on the island of Mahé. You can visit on foot on a guided tour through lush forests, coastal mangroves, and rugged mountains. The feeling that we are in another world is impressive. During the visit, reptiles, birds and plants are discovered, which in many cases are native and wonderful.

Weather in the Seychelles

From May to October

In those months the Southeast Monsoon stands out for being relatively dry, cooler and with even more active seas, particularly on the southeast coasts, where gentle winds are more common. Reaching its peak between July and August, the “coldest” time and with little rainfall; the temperature is around 27 ° C normally. Perfect time for boat rentals in Seychelles.

In this period, the northwest beaches are the most sought after by surfers. It is a good time for water sports fans, it practically does not rain and the sky looks cloudless, clear and certainly beautiful.

From November to April

In November and just before the Monsoon in the northwest area, the winds are softer and warmer and the rains begin.

The famous monsoon. It is the moment when the rainstorms and suffocating temperatures begin. Cyclones make their appearance, although only the southern islands are in the cyclone hall. The skies are usually cloudy during these months and the Seychelles Islands are less sunny, with clouds almost all day, but with temperatures of 28 degrees.

From February to April the winds subside. It is the hottest time of the year, with temperatures ranging from 30 ° C. Although slightly, and with the possibility of unexpected tropical storms and heavy downpours, but always outside the cyclone season. The hottest and sunny month, with tropical film horizons and a lucid and marbled atmosphere, is April.

Gastronomy of the Seychelles

Due to the ethnic diversity this country, which is based on fish and rice, has African, French, Indian and Chinese influences. Its cuisine is varied and tasty, and discovering its exquisite dishes will be a pleasure.

Typical dishes are a fusion between cultures where spices and aromatic herbs clearly stand out. And along with fish and rice, we find coconut, ginger and chili as accompaniments of their dishes And let’s not forget their delicious tropical fruits.

Dishes to try: Rougaille, Palmito Salad, Clam Soup. Tektek, Carii Coco, Shark Chtney. Brèdes, Civet de Chauve Souris, Grilled fish. Bread and Palmito fruit and Kat Kat Banane among other delicacies.

How to get to the Seychelles Islands

There are no direct flights from Spain or Latin America, so it is necessary to make stops. The airlines that connect Spain with Seychelles are Air Seychelles, which flies from Paris, London, Rome. Milan, Emirates, which flies from Dubai, Qatar Airways, from Doha. and Air France, from Paris.

Seychelles International Airport (SEZ), known as Aeroport de La pointe Larue, is located on the island of Mahé, just 11 kilometers from the city of Victoria, capital of the Seychelles.

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