Discovering the ports of the Balearic Islands

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Historically, the means of communication with any island has always been the sea.
That is why islands with a long history, such as the Balearic Islands, are full of maritime tradition.
Kings, warriors and merchants came to the islands by boat, thus defining the history of the Balearic archipelago and its ports and lighthouses.

Due to their geographical location, good climate and fertile land, the ports of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and, to a lesser extent, Formentera, became a strategic point on the Mediterranean Sea routes.

Read on because we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the ports of the Balearic Islands!

History and culture of the Balearic ports

The Balearic Islands, in the heart of the Mediterranean, have a rich maritime history dating back millennia.

The first Phoenician and Roman navigators were the ones who “discovered” these islands, although it is known that they were already inhabited by a large population, with few resources, dedicated to agriculture, livestock farming and fishing.

Romans and Phoenicians saw the Balearics as a strategic enclave for trade and expansion, and until the modern yachts that today adorn their harbours, the Balearics have witnessed countless civilisations that have left their mark on the local coastline and culture.

The ports of the Balearics are not just docking points; they are the soul of the islands, where history intermingles with everyday life.

In them, one can feel the presence of ancient traders, pirates and explorers who once sailed these waters in search of adventure or fortune.

Each port, with its unique architecture, tells stories of conquests, reconquests and countless cultural exchanges.

This historical and cultural richness makes the Balearic ports more than just dots on a map; they are living centres of tradition and modernity.

Here, ancient shipbuilding craftsmanship coexists with innovative sustainability practices. Visitors can immerse themselves in local festivities, offering a unique experience that goes beyond simple observation, inviting everyone to be part of a living history and to breathe the cultural essence of the Balearic Islands.

Types of ports in the Balearic Islands and contact details

As we have already told you in the Essential guide to booking moorings and buoys in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands, in the Balearic Islands there are some ports that are the responsibility of the Spanish State and others that depend on the autonomous community.

State-managed ports

The ports that depend on the state are: the port of Palma, the port of Alcúdia, Ibiza, Mahón and the port of La Savina. Below you will find the contact details for each port;

Port of Alcúdia

  • Moll de Pescadors, s/n. 07410 Alcudia (Mallorca). Illes Balears – Spain Telephone: 971 545 076

Port of Maó

  • Moll de Llevant, 1. 07701 Maó (Menorca). Illes Balears – Spain Telephone: 971 363 066

Port of Eivissa

  • Accés Molls Nord, s/n. 07800 Eivissa (Eivissa). Illes Balears – Spain Telephone: 971 310 611

La Savina Port

  • C/ De Calp, s/n. 07870 La Savina (Formentera). Illes Balears – Spain Telephone: 971 322 130

You can consult their rates and carry out a large number of procedures through their electronic headquarters Ports de Balears.

The autonomous ports

These are managed by Ports de les Illes Balears, integrated into the structure of the Regional Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Its task is to exercise the executive powers of the autonomous administration in matters of ports and port and maritime facilities, including the powers to authorise tax collection and sanctioning. You can contact this body at

Ports de les Illes Balears – Contact details
Telephone: 902 024 444
Fax: 902 024 000;
[email protected]
All the telephone numbers in the network can also be found on the administrative information line 012 or 902 024 444.

The 13 ports that depend directly on the Balearic Government are:

Port de la Colònia de Sant Jordi

  • Contact phone: 971 65 62 24

Port of Cala Figuera

  • Contact phone: 971 64 52 42

Port of Portopetro

  • Contact phone: 971 64 52 42

Port of Portocolom

  • Contact phone: 971 82 46 83

Port of Porto Cristo

  • Contact phone.: 971 82 04 19

Port of Cala Bona

  • Contact phone: 971 58 62 56

Port of Cala Rajada

  • Contact phone: 971 56 50 67

Port of Pollença

  • Contact phone: 971 86 68 67

Port of Sóller

  • Contact phone: 971 63 33 19

Port d’Andratx

  • Contact phone: 971 67 42 16

Port de Fornells

  • Contact phone.: 971 37 66 04

Port de Ciutadella

  • Contact phone: 971 48 44 55

Port of Sant Antoni de Portmany

  • Contact phone: 971 34 05 03

Some of the services offered by the regional ports are:

  • Meteorological information on the area
  • Information on services in the area that are useful for the user
  • Activities and services carried out in the port facilities.
  • Facilitating the availability of mooring places online for transit boats
  • Supplying water and electricity to moored vessels
  • Facilitating mooring and unmooring as well as launching of vessels under tow.
  • Reception of waste generated by vessels.
  • Bilge and sewage removal system
  • Public toilets
  • Management of incidents, claims and complaints
  • Organisation, coordination and control of port traffic, both maritime and terrestrial.
  • Maintenance of the facilities
  • Prevention, surveillance and security in the port facilities.

Other administrative services are also provided, such as

  • Management of mooring waiting lists
  • Processing of concessions and authorisations for the occupation and exploitation of the port public domain.
  • Monitoring and control of the management of the port public space.
  • Invoicing of fees and tariffs for port services rendered.

  Puerto Cala Figuera - Palam Mallorca

Ports operated through concessions

Port concessionaires may assign temporary rights of use for mooring to third parties by means of a contract which is private in nature and concerns only those two parties.

Nautical events in the ports of the Balearic Islands

The ports of the Balearic Islands, as well as being havens for yachts and sailing boats, are transformed into venues for prestigious nautical competitions that attract sea enthusiasts from all over the world.

These events offer high-level sailing spectacles, along with cultural and festive activities that enrich the experience.

From historic regattas that test the skill and dexterity of sailors, to modern competitions that showcase the latest technology in yachts and sailboats, it’s your choice whether to participate or to be a spectator.

Each year, these events promote sport and boost the local economy and strengthen the bond between communities and their maritime heritage. Below, we have compiled a table of ten of the most outstanding sailing competitions:

Port  Event Month of celebration
Palma de Mallorca Sailing King’s Cup August
Mahón, Menorca King’s Cup Vintage Boat Regatta September
Ibiza Ruta de la Sal April
Puerto Portals, Mallorca  Dragon Class Regatta July
Formentera Formentera Lateen Sailing Trophy June
Alcudia, Mallorca Regata Alcudia Trophy – ORC May
Ciutadella, Menorca Menorca Maxi May
Palma de Mallorca PalmaVela May
Sant Antoni, Ibiza Ibiza Regatta Gold Cup October
Cala d’Or, Mallorca Cala d’Or International Regatta April

These events, each with their own unique character, are a perfect opportunity to enjoy the maritime activity of the islands’ ports. From Naurtic Adventure we encourage you to come to the Balearic Islands and discover first-hand the liveliness of its ports. Rent a boat and enjoy the Mediterranean like never before.